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Product Name: Power 9000 - Invacare® Storm Series
Form Number: 00-310

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Invacare® Power 9000
Storm Series®
Until now, the typical economy chair provided only the basics. But all that is about to change. Introducing the Invacare® Power 9000 Storm Series®.
Combining economy with style. Function with features. Utility with performance. The new Invacare® Power 9000 offers everything your discriminating consumers are looking for in a power chair, at an affordable price.

We've redesigned the Invacare® Power 9000 with the clean, sleek styling characteristic of the Storm Series.

To improve performance, we've re-engineered the transmission so you get a quiet, efficient and reliable drive. For smooth response, we offer the MKIV-RII electronic control system.

Couple these features with the Invacare® Power 9000 Storm Series' easy transportability, options and colors, and it's easy to see how we're breaking the rules of the economy chair class.
STYLINGThe Invacare® Power 9000 has clean, contemporary Storm Series styling that lets you see the person first and then the chair, generating pride of ownership. With a choice of multiple frame finishes including sparkle, transparent, metallic and chameleon, the Invacare® Power 9000 has a custom look for everyone.
§ Invacare® Virtual Service - powerful software that links your electrical system to expert help via a standard phone line
§ Exclusive 8-amp dual-mode automatic battery charger
§ 22NF battery size for 16", 18", 20", wide adult and low seat models*
§ U1 battery size for 14" wide model*
§ Folds to narrow 13" for transport
§ Closed-loop system to help maintain speed and direction -even downhill
§ In-line casters improve indoor maneuverability
§ Automatic motor locks
§ Dynamic (on-demand) braking with regeneration
§ Direct-drive system with improved reliability and efficiency
§ Free-wheeling with simple clutch release
§ Desk- or full-length arms
§ Separate, easy-to-remove battery boxes
§ Adjustable back height from 16"-20"
§ Wide range of colors (see price list for details)

* Batteries not included
DRIVESPower 9000 drives deliver a new standard for reliability, with improved efficiency and a significant reduction in operating noise.
ELECTRONICSThe new Invacare® Mark IV-RII delivers the technology, compact size, features, styling, and programmability of the MKIV.
The Invacare® Power 9000 is excellent indoors and good over outdoor surfaces that are firm and free of obstacles and long inclines.

For heavy duty use, or for use over rugged terrain, consider Invacare®'s more heavy-duty models such as the Invacare® Arrow®, Invacare® Ranger X (TM), Invacare® Torque (TM), or Invacare® Ranger II Storm Series®. Consult your health care professional to optimize product selection.

Invacare, Power 9000 and Storm Series are trademarks of Invacare Corporation.
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