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Product Category:WheelchairsActive Status:Active
Product Class:Power Tilt & Recline SystemsProduct Sub Class:
Product Name: 2GT (TM) - Invacare®
Form Number: 99-253

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Introduced in 1997, the Weight-Shifting Basic Tilt literally changed the face of power tilt. And it's this well-proven technology that has now become the foundation of the Invacare® 2GTTM (patent pending) power tilt seating system. To maintain stability, the Invacare 2GT shifts its center-of-gravity pivot point as the chair tilts creating a more compact footprint, and enhancing the overall performance and look of the chair. Highlights:
· Reduced turning radius due to weight-shifting technology
· Maintains safe weight distribution during
tilt angle
· Lowest seat-to-floor height - 18.5" at 0° tilt*
· Unique back canes incorporate channels for easy accessory attachment, adjustability, and a cleaner style
· Weight limit of 250 lbs. standard (with an optional 350 lb. heavy duty package)**
· Full compatibility with:
- Invacare® 2nd Generation Arrow® RWD power base
- New Invacare® Arrow® FWD power base
- Invacare Ranger XTM RWD Storm Series® power base
- Invacare® Gearless-Brushless GBTM motors
- New Invacare® TorqueTM SP RWD power base
*Factory setting is 19.5" with 5° of tilt and 16" seat depth.
**Heavy Duty Arrow power base required.
Standard Features · Up to 50° tilt angle ensures weight transfer from seat to back for excellent pressure relief
· Weight-shifting technology maintains
stability and optimizes base performance by minimizing front loading
· Flip-back removeable arms for easier transfers
· Unique back canes incorporate channels for easy accessory attachment, adjustability, and a cleaner style
· Static back angle adjustment from 90° to 115° in 5° increments
· Dramatically improved aesthetics and incredibly clean design
· Seat frame is adjustable in width and depth to facilitate seating changes
· Fully modular system with ventilator or power recline options that can be added if needed
· TGIF - (Thirty-day Guaranteed Initial Fit)
· Seat is positioned on base to optimize maneuverability and stability
· New Curved Back has been redesigned to feature a deeper and more contoured shape to provide more support

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